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MY LIFE - 1 "A"

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MY LIFE - 1 "A" 




Let's write about "MY LIFE".



Marcelo Alves

  hi my name is Marcelo and I'm 14 years old and I live in colombo with my parents. the name of my father and my mother and antonio is luzenir and I have a brother 17 years his name is deiviti, and I have a sister 2 years old and her name is isabelle. I love to go out and have fun with my friends, we always go to the park and parties and is really cool, and also to play ball, like playing badminton in the street, flying kites etc. my favorite material and physical and I do not like and why mathematics teacher and very boring. I like various types of music such as rap, swing, pagoda and some rock. I am 1.68 tall. My favorite phrase is "every second is time to change everything forever.





Jean Carvalho


Hello my name is my name is Jean. I'm 15, I live in the city of Colombo and study in school Tancredo de Almeida Neves, I live with my father his name is Amauri, but on weekends I go to my mother's house her name is jeane. also have an irmã her name and Amabily. I like to play guitar and sing in church, I'm not very good at sports so I do play online or on my video game also like eating and sleeping, I have two dogs one is and the other is called VALENTE FREDI. I have 1 meter and 90 tall and weight 65 kg. I like rap and rock backcountry. my sentence is: do not judge my choices because you do not know my reasons.




Evelin Jaqueline


My life


My name is Evelin Jaqueline Dos Santos.
I am 15 year old.
I live in colombo.
I study in college state tancredo almeida snows.
I live with mother Vilma, and my father ezequiel, Emanoele is my sister and Victor and Erick is my brothers.
In the morning go to school, and sometimes, I clean my house and I take care of my brother.
My preferred material is one geography.
Curisidade about me is that i like to learn new things to explore on my Things That are around.
I love eating lasagnaI.
Have some information about 1:53 tall. I have 56 kg.
I'm rooting for Coritiba.
I like to take care of my brother hanging out with my friends and with my mother.

live life as if there were no tomorrow..




Willian Verenka


My name is Willian Verenka , I am 15 years old, I´m a student.I was born in Colombo , in day 05/08/1997 and i live in Colombo. My mother is a decendent of ucraniam , my father is a decendent of italian.I have an older brother, I live with my parents. My family have a market and I work a bakery. Like of baskatball.. I am a Gamer , Otaku and Rocker. My favorite subjeckt is a Cience,I hate a samba ,pagode and funk.



Felipe Wesley

My life


I am Felipe Wesley

I am fifteen years

I was born in Curitiba-PR

I study in Tancredo Neves

 I am in the 1st year of high school

I live in jd. Ana rosa

My father's name is Nelson

My mother's name is Diocléia

I do not have blood brother

My mother is a teacher
my father is vigilant

I like practice various sports

Especially football

I like all styles of music

I am supporter of the best teams that it have been

Miami Heat(Basketball), São Francisco 49 (American football) e Coritiba (Football).

I am hate azeitona

I like Chocolate, Snacks and potato bread

I have ongoing every Monday






Paulo Neves






Patrick Cipriano


My name is Patrick , am 15 years old , i live in santa teresa , study in college tancredo snow , my father's name is Luis carlos , my mother called Fatima , e my brother is named Gustavo , have eleven uncles on the part of my mother , she is one of the youngest of the family , i just can not even remember how many cousins , i have for that are many , by father got three uncles , four cousins have. I have no more nor by grandfather and father nor mother. i like to play football , my favorite subject , physical education.


Matheus Bazani

                                                  My humble and good life

My name is Matheus, my nickname Bazani.

I'm 15 years old, I live in the city of Colombo. I'm studying in the college Tancredo de Almeida Neves. I live with my father, my mother and my brother.

I'm like to play soccer, video game eat, go out and enjoy life with my family and friends.

I like physical education, arts, science and little english. One of the things about me is to be cool, funny, and very humorous fellow.

I admire a beautiful football, the kind of Lucas, Drogba, Lampard, M.Ozil, Marcelo, Xavi, Iniesta and most other good players playing soccer for passion not the money.

I also like to play video games mainly the x box 360, has several cool games like darksiders, pes 2012, resident evil 5, skate 3, call the duty 1,2 and 3.

really like eat delicious foods like, lasagna, pizza, hotdog, burger x, there is also the sweets that are the best have several have chocolate, ice cream, macaroni and cheese and a lot of delicious food.



Clayton Nunes

My name is Clayton am 15 years old and I am in the 1st year of high school. I live with my mother, my father and my brother. My favorite food is lasagna and pizza. I do not really like going to school but my favorite subject is physical education, I was born in SAN ROQUE are SP and now live in Colombo, Paraná. My favorite sports are skateboarding, playing soccer and flying kites, My pet is a dog and his name is teddy ...

this is my life




Emanoele Alves

   My name is Emanoele but everyone calls me Manu . I am fifteen years old . I live in Colombo in Paraná with my father ,mother and two brothers ,and I still have

two dogs.

    My father works as a driver and my mother's home secretary . My  dad is a very funny guy , my mother is not so much .  

    I am a school student and study the Tancredo De Almeida Neves . I like almost all subjects  except  mathematics .

   On weekends I like to be with my boyfriend and when I'm not with him like being on the internet or read a book .



             "still feel sorry  and angry at someone ,but I know my way , my bad , my fault cause someone to feel that for me too ."





Jennypher Ferreira



My name is Jennypher Ferreira. I'm 15 years old. I'm a studant in School Tancredo Neves. I was born in Curitiba- PR. I'm live in Colombo. I live with my parents and my brothers. My father's name is Samuel Ferreira, he is 36 years old, he is very funny. My mother is called Gisleine Matozo, she is 33 years old, sometimes she's funny. I have a brother and a sister.    My brother called and Bruno is 12 years old, he is a boy too boring and not funny. My sister called Priscila and has 3 years. She is very beautiful and very smart. I have a cat called Piazinho, he is very playful and cute. I have a dog called Hachiko, Pitbull breed he is, he is very playful and nothing violent. I have a chinchilla and she calls Squiki.
I love pop music. I'm a Belieber since 2009. I like a lot of singers such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato, Cody Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Akon, Nicki Minaj. Bands I like Fun, The Scene, One Direction, The Wanted, Owl City

I'm terrified of the dark, i love games like The Sims, Black Shot, Country Strike, Football... I hate onions. My favorite color is purple, black and white, like the other colors too. 

                                                                                                            I believe in my dreams





Rhamiton Franco

My life                                                   

My nane is rhamiton havê 15 years live in santa tereza. tancredo study in college. I live with my mother called Mary, and my father called edson and my 3 sisters: raynara, and kelsellin stefany. I like to play soccer, volleyball, etc ... the style of music I like is electronics, among other rep. I like going to the gym to go out with friends in the park, theaters and festivals
I work at the grocery store my mom after college and anoite go to the basic mechanics course.
I enjoy traveling with my family. go to the beach, to sao paulo and north on my aunt's house.





Fernanda Silva


My name is Fernanda Marcelino Silva
I am 17 year old
I live in Colombo.I Estudy in college estadual tancrendo de almeida neves.I live with my mother Maria,and my father Gilberto,Renata and my sister,My junior brother
In the morning I go to school,and sometimes in the afternooon I go out with my friends and
I like taking care of my nephew Maria eduarda.
My favorite subject is math,and sometimes I see you on Sunday cimeterio kill rodrigo miss my brother who has gone away, leaving a lot of nostalgia.
A curiosity about me is that I like to learn new things, is that I love eating chicken pot pie.
My information: I have 1:65, and weight 63 pounds, and I love spending time with my little nephew maria eduarda,And my favorite team is Coritiba and santos.




Life's Paulo  


  Hello my name is Paulo Ricardo Neves Magalhães but everyone calls me call Paulinho and I'm 17.my birthday is on february 16,1995,I live in Jardim Ana Rosa is a neighborthood of Colombo is a city that is state of Parana,in Brazil,localize in America's southe of planet Earth

L live at my grandmother(maternal) with four people: gradmother (mrs.Agaide),My cousin (who is in the Junior 8ºA).My sister (juana ) and my mother (Cleusa ).I am the seventh son (which are Garide, Willen, Weslen, Jocasta, Juana and Clevio). I am the newest and I have three uncles and one aunt: Aguinaldo,Laerde,Luiz,Janaina. My mother is the oldest, she is fifty-two years old. My grandparents of my father is already dead, my father sailor's but don't have (jucelino)

I play ball with my friends later more and my computer is short any type of music or style

I study in Tancredo de Almeida Neves shoool on 1st and my number is 16 in the call I like history,geography ans Arts

I do not like fake people and gossips.I'm shy around people like reading poetry unknown twine and mythological stories

Like almost everythind but milk cathilic and my, but I believe in “Evolution monkey”

My phrase “enjoy life because it is one”.






Mirian simões


Hi, my name is Mirian, I'm 15 years old. I was born in Colombo, but I live in Colombo since I was born. I live with my parents, I have one brother,his name is Weslley.

I study in school Tancredo Neves. My favorite subject is English and I don't like Math.

I do a computer course on Tuesday and Friday. My birthday 1st of July, so I'm cancerian. My mother is called Dulceleia, and my dad is called Odair. My mother is very funny, but my dad isn't as funny as my mother, but I love them so much. I like rock music.I'm a 'killer love' since 2007,then I love so much Nicole scherzinger.  Love too ,Selena gomez, Avril lavigne, Justin bieber, Demi lovato etc.

I have two beautiful cats, they're very cut, one is called Lavigne and the other is called Cece.



Never say Never.”      


kkkkkkk  credo o.O                 

kkk fazer oq nér ...vale nota :s 




Giovane Da Silva

My name is Giovane Gonçalves, got 15 years. Live with my father my mother and my sister

I was born in Colombo, Paraná.Not like to go to college,i like to skateboard and play ball.

Hate matter of history and mathematics.I like the materials of physical education, arts and biology, I have a dog named Tico.like going to the movies and hanging out with my friends.

My family is very united when someone needs help, all support.Have two sisters named Giovanna and Jessica Eduarda.My favorite team is the corinthians,my favorite sports are football and martial arts.

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