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Os esportes na visão dos alunos


Colégio Estadual Professor Altair da Silva Leme - EFM

September 2010 - Teacher Geane Poteriko


English Classes - 6th grade D


  STUDENT:  Alessandra - 6th "D"










STUDENT:  Ângela - 6th "D"





STUDENT:  Cleverson - 6th "D"







STUDENT: Diego Felipe - 6th "D"



STUDENT:  Elizeu - 6th "D"





STUDENT: Emerson - 6th "D"



STUDENT: Guilherme T. - 6th "D"



STUDENT: Jaqueline - 6th "D"




STUDENT:  Karine Bianca - 6th "D"







STUDENT:  Larissa Kauane - 6th "D"




STUDENT: Leandro - 6th "D"



STUDENT: Marlon - 6th "D"




STUDENT:  Murilo - 6th "D"




STUDENT:  Raflesia Paola  - 6th "D"






STUDENT:  Tainá - 6th "D"



STUDENT:  Wellington Gato - 6th "D"













Tєαchєя Gєαиє Pσtєяїkσ


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Jessica Aline 8B said

at 3:03 pm on Nov 5, 2010

tudo esta lindo

Jessica Aline 8B said

at 3:05 pm on Nov 5, 2010

tudo de bom pra vc

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